Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Look Into These

Music suggestions, everyone!

- And the Moneynotes' "New Cornucopia!"

Remnicient of early rock-n-roll, folk, and alternative all at once. Pretty damned delightful. I recommend especially: Bolinda, And Offering, The Moonshine, and A Pirate's Confession III.

- Dr. Dog's "Fate" and "We All Belong"

Every. Single. Song.

- The Two Gentleman Band's "Heavy Petting"

It's like if The Gay Nineties/The Depression went bluegrass, got a modern sense of humor, and started working a little bit blue. Lots of banjo & kazoo. Songs about William Howard Taft, prohibition, love, strong men, unicycles, etc. Most of the songs sound pretty much the same, but are no less enjoyable for it. I recommend especially: William Howard Taft and The Square Root of Two.

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