Monday, October 06, 2008


James Fallows has an excellent entry on what is so ridiculous about anyone saying that Palin did well in the VP debate last Thursday. The basic point:
"As everyone else including me has observed, Palin managed to pass her own particular test in this debate -- which was to improve on her alarmingly ill-informed and paralyzed appearances with Katie Couric. Biden's test was to "do well" in the normal, not the making-special-allowances, sense of that term. Each passed the respective test, but that doesn't mean there was no difference in how they performed."
Also, Sullivan posted most of my e-mail about my Rich Lowry outrage. And my calling her a cocktail waitress rang true enough for him to repeat it here. Why am I so pleased? Because I'm a big, dumb nerd with about eight hours a day to waste on the internet.

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David Morris said...

Hey, you got an email onto the Dish! Pretty impressive!

If the "Palin as cocktail waitress" meme catches, we'll know where it originated...