Thursday, October 16, 2008

What I'm Listening To

This is the playlist I hastily made this morning to listen to when I have some filing to do here at work. It is indicative of three things: 1) I am a lady, 2) I really like all of the Brothers Gibb, and 3) I have a disparate musical personality.


Missing from this list are:
I've Seen All Good People: Your Move - Yes
Rest Your Love On Me (cover) - Bee Gees
Reine de Musette (an instrumental piece from a CD called "Bon Appetit," which I purchased jointly with Bonnie from a Bed, Bath, & Beyond in Irvine three years ago, played by a group of musicians calling themselves the "San Francisco Baguette Quartette." It's delightful.)
Quarter After Eight - Pattie LaSalle (a great '50's song, sung by a girl being stood up for a date)
My Party - Kings of Leon
The Beach - Dr. Dog

Also, you may be asking yourself, "Am I seeing not one, but two Carrie Underwood songs on here?" To which I can only say, "Yes, you are."

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