Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Taking Up the Murrow Banner

Dan Rather sounded off this morning, in regard to the weak stomachs of the mainstream media, at Time Warner's Politics 2008 summit:
"The press, in the main, has been in a defensive posture for some time," he said, opining that complaints from conservatives, in particular, have succeeded in engendering "self-censorship" by big media organizations. "The press should be independent with a capital 'I.' Fiercely independent and even ornery from time to time."
You tell 'em, Dan Rather!

Makes you wish for an entire army of Edward R. Murrows and Fred Friendlys though, doesn't it? When David and I saw Good Night, and Good Luck, we couldn't stop talking about how much we loved those men, prompting David to coin the phrase "integrity boners," as in, we had them.

And so I'd like to say thank you to the Anchorage Daily News, Charlie Gibson, Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow*, Campbell Brown, and, yes, certain ladies on The View. And obviously, The Daily Show.

* A note on ACORN: The issue that John McCain brings up here is the possibility of voter registration fraud. As Maddow points out, ACORN itself brought up this worry. ACORN itself sought to improve their policies to diminish this risk. This reminds me of when, while working at Bank of America in college, I brought to their attention the fact that they'd been overpaying me for 9 months. I brought it up as soon as I noticed this. My thanks? An immediate demand of $5,000, with no possibility of a payment plan. Oh, plus threats to my job if I didn't pay up. Whereas if I were a dishonest person, I could have quit on the spot and they would have had no recourse with me. What reward is this to good people and good organizations? ACORN is being persecuted by John McCain and I had an extra $5,000 tacked on to my debt, both of us victims of circumstance.

As my friend Adam Atallah would say, "If John McCain wins this election, I will flip this car."

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