Friday, October 17, 2008

Songs, Etc.

I was in Sephora yesterday to return whatever this month's fancy-skin-care-purchase-I-regret-and-couldn't-afford-in-the-first-place was (they have an excellent return policy, b the w). While I was there, a Lily Allen cover of the Pretender's "Don't Get Me Wrong" came on. Firstly, I was impressed by my recognizing that it was Lily Allen, being wildly un-hip in the ways of today's popular music. Secondly, I fell in love with it immediately. It's charming, it's understated, it's touching. I'm for it. Arrived home only to discover that it is nowhere on the internet to be purchsed. What the fuck, internet? That's the whole point of you, you know. Anyway, here it is from Odeo.

Then today I discovered this Icelandic singer/songwriter calling himself Mugison. I stumbled across an article about him in San Diego CityBeat (I was on the SD CityBeat website because I was trying to decide what my life would be like today had I not gone away to college ... because I need something to fill the day when the stream of election news filtering into my veins from the IV in my left hand starts running slowly). Here, for you to judge whether you too enjoy this Mugison fellow, is a YouTube video, because I couldn't find an mp3 track to embed.

Maybe some of you are saying, "Sure, I enjoy that Mugison's music. I certainly like the rocking out quotient he's bringing. I also particularly like that beard of his. And while at first unsure about the cowboy shirt issue, I've come to the conclusion that he makes it work. But. But! If I were to meet him on the street, would I find that we have similar senses of humor?" I'm glad you asked, Reader. Would it help you to know that the only YouTube video favorited by Mugison on his YouTube channel is the one below?

Yeah, that's what I thought.

In music-I-don't-like news, I just read in the October 3 issue of Variety that the Jonas Brothers' response to the question, "Who is your role model?" was "Stevie Wonder, the Bee Gees, all of those guys." What the ...? What? That doesn't ... wait. Okay, so Stevie Wonder and the Bee Gees are both great, this is true. But they're hardly comparable. And if they're not comparable, then who would classify as "all of those guys?" That's like if I were asked, "Who is your comedy role model?" and I answered, "Woody Allen, the Muppets, all of those guys." They could have named literally any other artist/band in existence, following the logic they've laid out. It could have gone, "Stevie Wonder, the Bee Gees, Led Zeppelin, Barbra Streisand, Django Reinhardt, all of those guys." It just makes me think that they don't listen to music. It's like Sarah Palin saying that she reads every newspaper. Plus, I think a more honest response would have been, "Whatever Disney tells us."

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