Monday, October 27, 2008

Please please please please please please please

From Five Thirty Eight:

I'm having an interesting reaction to these numbers today. In previous weeks, I became elated. I think we're now too close to the election for me to feel joy. All I feel is an intense, anxious hope. It is a physical sensation at this point. I can feel my desire for Obama to win this election in my chest.

In other news, I lost the war to get my dad, a resident of Washoe County, NV, which is leaning Democrat these days, to vote for Obama. He all but said he's voting McCain (in fact, he made a point of not saying who he's voting for, but still kept referring to Obama as "your guy"). If Washoe County, NV goes to McCain, I may cry. Well, that's a moot point. Whatever happens in this election, I know I'm going to be doing some crying. But after weeks of me and my father talking and fighting and having personal shit hitting the proverbial fan and nearly never speaking again ... in the end, I lost.

I don't regret trying and I'm grateful to him for letting me try. He did let me do that.

Ugh. This is not funny at all.

Uh ... dildo. There.


Philip Bertulfo said...

bahahahahahaha! You had me at "dil."

David Morris said...

aw, i don't think you should beat yourself up for not converting your father. i mean, you threw your light saber to the side and let him electrocute you--and at the end of the day, it's his decision whether to keep electrocuting you or to McCain into the Death Star core.

By the way, this is not a Star Wars metaphor. This is all literal.

Mike D. said...

Hey, Arizona is practically a swing state now! John McCain has ultra-conservatives, homophobes, and Al-Qaeda supporting him while Obama has the support from what The Economist describes as the rest of the world. I think we'll be okay.