Friday, October 10, 2008

An Insane Idea

Okay . . . what if, to raise money for NO ON PROP 8, I walked 130 miles from West Hollywood to Hillcrest in San Diego (respectively, the gay center of my current city and the gay center of my home city)? Oh, while wearing a fairy costume and holding up a No on 8 sign.

How funny would that be? Pretty funny, I think.

The problem being that 130 miles is a long fucking way to walk. Google Maps tells me it would take nearly two days (and I think that time-frame accounts for more of a jog than a walk). Plus, when I walked 13 miles in a day a few months ago, by the end of it I had horrible blisters on my feet and could barely walk for a week. I was, however, wearing stupid shoes and no socks.

But that would be really funny, right? That would get a fair amount of press, wouldn't it? I feel like Prop 8 isn't getting enough attention. I could just walk the length of Sunset, but that's kind of boring.

I don't know where I'm going with this. I'm thinking out loud.

1 comment:

Cari Turley said...

If you really did that, I might do it with you. Also in fairy costume, of course.