Friday, September 05, 2008

The Real Sarah Palin Problem

I strongly, strongly dislike Sarah Palin. I've made that clear. I think she's playing the politics game in a very dishonest, slippery way. I don't like that McCain chose her because I think it was for all the wrong reasons, done hastily, and shows that the former, independently minded McCain people respected in the past is gone. She slapped community organizers in the face, she wants to mix her religion and her politics, and she has no problem trotting out her womanhood and motherhood when it suits her, then lets the GOP play the gender card when it doesn't suit her. I think she's the worst kind of politician we can have - one who walks the line between doing whatever she wants and towing the party line. It seems to me a highly dangerous combo. It seems to me to be very George W. Bush.

But here's what I think the real Sarah Palin problem is: now that she's here, she will never go away.

We are stuck with her for life now. She has been annointed by the Republican Party as being the future of the Republican Party and now she's in the game for good. And that really leaves me with a sinking feeling. She's young, her popularity is ridiculously and undeservedly high right now, and whether or not McCain wins, which I don't think he will, Sarah Palin is now our cross to bear. I don't think we'll see the end of her career until I'm 44. I could hope that the country will catch on to the fact that she's not the real deal, that she's not even close - but it certainly took long enough for them to catch on to Bush. And I think her youth, gender, and good looks will give her a longer shelf life.

Insert awful analogy about a pitbull breaking free of its chain here.

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