Thursday, September 25, 2008

McCain Flailing

Here's me on Twitter yesterday:
"New theory: McCain is ONLY doing campaign cancellation/debate reschedule to hide Palin away for next 40 days." about 17 hours ago from web

"B/C when you couple the previous article w/ this one (, paints a pretty damning picture of their confidence in her" about 17 hours ago from web
Here's validation of those thoughts from The Anonymous Liberal, referring to the embarrassing interview Palin gave to Katie Couric:
"Palin's favorability ratings have been sinking rapidly over the last two weeks and she is increasingly becoming a liability to McCain among independent voters. I think the campaign was worried that her performance today--if the media chose to dwell on it--could have done real lasting harm to McCain. And so they came up with this stunt, this idea of McCain 'suspending' his candidacy, as a distraction. I'm sure that's not the only reason they did this, but I think it was one of the primary reasons. I'm hopeful that people will see this as the gimmick that it is. But regardless, it did succeed in dominating the news cycle and minimizing the attention that was paid to Palin's interview."
And here's the par-for-the-course Palin interview with Couric:

Yep. The activity McCain's team will be engaged in for the next 40 days is Palin damage control. This woman is letting air out of their balloon too fast for them to stay afloat without doing some seriously batty things, which is exactly what this cancellation is. Sure, it's also about trying to look more concerned and active than Obama in regards to the economy, but this is the desperate act of a desperate organization. And it just doesn't add up that McCain would be so desperate due to being somewhat behind in the polls. So it stands to reason that Palin is the bigger issue for them.

Or as Scott Simpson so eloquently put it:
"McCain campaign : space shuttle :: Palin : O-ring (LOOK IT UP, CHILDREN)"

Many a link via Andrew Sullivan.

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