Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In which Simon Pegg completes the capturing of my heart . . .

Hey, isn't Simon Pegg wonderful? Didn't you enjoy him immensely in Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz?

Yeah, me too.

Did you know that he's also a Star Wars geek, a fan of Patton Oswalt, and wrote a dissertation called "A Marxist Overview of Popular 70s Cinema?"

Quote from Pegg on the dissertation, from The Phoenix:
It was a dismantling of consent, which was forwarded by an Italian Marxist philosopher called Antonio Gramsci. It was all about the fact that if you watch a movie without critically objectifying yourself, you consent to the inherent prejudices within the film. So, if you’re watching a film which is very sexist, if you don’t think “Hey! That’s pretty sexist,” you are being sexist by watching it. And “Star Wars” and “Raiders [of the Lost Ark]” embodied a certain amount of late-seventies neuroses: bomb fear and subjective stereotypes and it was all about that!
Well, that does it. I'm sold on this guy for life.

Thank you, Jesse Thorn.

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