Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Five Thirty Eight is the New Black

This site is my new election crack. It's informative, insightful, based on facts, and immensely comforting with its predictions of an Obama win. I'm not reading about lipsticks and pigs, nor watching deceitful campaign commercials, nor am I wondering if World War III is fast approaching. Still, I am keeping myself abrest of developments AND it doesn't make my brain explode. On top of all that, it is, on occasion, highly entertaining.

Take the following article for example:


BREAKING: Obama Campaign Organizers Trying To Win Election Instead of Get You Yard Signs.

Despite Obama’s 100% name recognition, opponents of the “maybe worry about visibility after registration deadlines close” strategy pronounced the situation “dire” on the front page of Daily Kos yesterday.

So dire was the situation that volunteers in the office were taking up collections to have their own signs printed.

Asked about this dire situation in Virginia, Obama campaign manager David Plouffe responded*, “You have got to be $@!#ing kidding me. Is this a joke? I’m busy, I have to go.”

The Obama campaign goal has been to register and track over 300,000 new voters in Virginia, including the direly-situated Leesburg. Though they are on pace to achieve this goal, some Democrats are concerned that people will see more McCain signs and feel dispirited.

Top Obama strategist David Axelrod, when reached for comment Sunday, noted*, “these yard sign questions are making my brain bleed. Please stop.”

Indeed, Five Thirty Eight. Thank you for not making my brain bleed.

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