Monday, September 08, 2008

Documentary Idea

Follow . . . let's say five people around for 40 days, respectively. See what they would do if they'd just been told they were the second coming of Christ. See how they would very literally interpret the question "What would Jesus do?" What in their life would they change, based on their perception of Jesus? Would they cease sexual activity as a show of divinity? Would they continue sexual activity in an attempt to show that Christ is human? Non-believers, believers, people practicing other faiths. But just with their personal knowledge of Jesus, how would they live their lives for 40 days if they were truly accepting the conceit that they are Jesus Christ reborn? Would they begin preaching? Would they try to reinterpret the Bible? Would they be more divisive or less when it comes to other faiths?

Based on the immediate, knee-jerk boycotting by leaders of the Christian Right and the ensuing controversy, I predict instant success.


Philip Bertulfo said...

Wow, that's a really cool idea. I now badly wish this was a documentary I could watch right NOW.

And incidentally, I think if the documentary was done as objectively as possible -- like "Lake Of Fire" or "Jesus Camp" -- it wouldn't necessarily be knee-jerk boycotted. Even if some of the people interpreted the phrase "What would Jesus Do?" in a way that would be offensive to Christians, I imagine these Christians would come out of the movie feeling that their particular interpretation of God's Word needs to be spread and explained more.

Did you see "Lake of Fire" and/or "Jesus Camp"? "Lake of Fire" takes an exhaustive look at abortion in our country, and "Jesus Camp" is about a radically fundamentalist Christian summer camp for children. Both films were done so well that I think people from either side of the fence could come out of the theatre feeling reaffirmed in their beliefs, if not a little rattled. But they are, in my opinion, documentaries to the core: objective, difficult, thought provoking.

Lindsay Evelyn said...

I just watched "Jesus Camp" two days ago and am reading "No god but God" by Reza Aslan - so I started to wonder what I in particular would do if I suddenly felt I had knowledge of the divine. I'm glad you like the idea. I wonder how I could make this happen.

And I don't think that all Christians would boycott, but I definitely think that Christian Right leaders, such as Ted Haggard with "Jesus Camp," would boycott.