Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Save Mister Rogers!

PBS is planning on altering their current airing schedule of Mister Rogers Neighborhood to a pretty severe degree. Instead of one episode every weekday, they're planning on only releasing one episode per weekend to their syndicates.

Mister Rogers really did shape my childhood. It was my favorite show and there is absolutely nothing like it for children now. Not to sound super old and cranky, but what are they going to watch instead? iCarly? Hannah Montana? The very popular, Overly-Made-Up Girl With Veneers Who's Super Sassy and Teaches You About How Great It Is to Be Famous Show? Whatever blandly educational facsimile of these shows PBS can invent? I get why tweens like those shows. Because tweens are retarded and we have to let them be retarded, because they'll grow out of it and have something bad to be nostalgic about. It's their Saved By the Bell. Let 'em have it. But what about toddlers and kids under 10? Can't they just watch something wonderful about childhood, something that lets them be children? Instead of something that idolizes a shiny, fake teenhood that's not remotely representative of being a teenager? Sigh

Please visit this website and take action to keep a wonderful show airing five days a week, instead of just one - and then, I fear, not at all. It is a beautiful show that has nary a philosophical heir to its throne.

Save Mister Rogers.

Also, watch this video of Fred Rogers himself, telling you much more eloquently and kindly and convincingly than I, why he needs to be kept on the air daily.

Thank you to singer/comedian Kate Micucci for bringing this to my attention by making an announcement at her show at the Steve Allen Theatre on Sunday. And she wrote a beautiful song for Mister Rogers as well. So go check her show out while you're at it, it was wonderful. Playin' With Micucci.

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