Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Great Apple War of 2008 has begun.

Customer First Name : Lindsay
Customer Last Name : Katai
Support Subject : Purchase(s) - missing
Sub Issue : I'm unable to locate my purchased items
Platform : Mac OS X 10.5
Country : United States (English)
Comments: Originally downloaded the album through my iPod Touch. Listened to it a few times. Before I could transfer the purchase to my computer, it disappeared from my iPod. I would just like to be able to re-download it. Thank you.

Lindsay Katai


Dear Lindsay,

I understand you downloaded "Because of the Times" on your iPod touch, you listened to it a few times and it has now disappeared before you could transfer it to your computer. I can certainly appreciate your concern, however, I apologize for the inconvenience, but I am unable to add "Because of the Times" back to your account.

The iTunes Store is not responsible for the loss of purchases and encourages customers to back up their hard disks regularly. If an item needs to be replaced, you can restore your purchases from the backup and avoid the need to purchase replacement copies of titles from your collection.

Additionally, please make back up copies of your new purchases on a regular basis.

Thank you for your understanding Lindsay.

Warmest regards,

iTunes Store Customer Support


I'm sorry, but this is an unacceptable response. I thank you for taking the time to make it, but I'll not take no for an answer. Here's why:

1. It was the fault of the product you make. If you expect people to trust making purchases through their iPod Touch, a feature you greatly boast about, then you need to be prepared to make reparations when that feature fails a customer.

2. This isn't a matter of me being irresponsible when it comes to backing up my files. I didn't even have a chance to transfer the purchase to my computer, so how can you expect me to have backed it up?

3. Your records show that I purchased the album. Therefore, it is my right to authorize up to five devices to play it. You can see that I never authorized more than one device to use the purchase, therefore you know that I am not trying to cheat the system. I bought something, YOUR product failed and deleted the files, and I am merely asking to be able to re-download it. I know you have the ability to credit my account again and I insist that you do. Otherwise I will never purchase another Apple product again because you will have failed my faith in your product and my faith in how you regard me as a customer. Here is a list of Apple products I have owned thusfar in my life (I am 26) and would NEVER BE BUYING FROM YOU AGAIN if you do not make reparations for your product's failure:

an iPod
an iPod Touch
a MacBook
an iMac
many music purchases through the iTunes store

Are you telling me that you are willing to lose thousands of dollars of future business from me, when I will eventually need to replace all these things or wish to download music, on the issue of crediting my account a mere $9.99? That low level of customer service is completely unacceptable from your company and I ask that you reconsider. Otherwise, all my computer, electronics, and music purchases will be done through other sources than Apple.

Thank you.

Lindsay Katai


And so it is begun, Apple.

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Bonnie said...

But Lindsay, they gave you warmest regards!