Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Welcome to http://lindsaykatai.com!

Hello, friends! Welcome to the first entry since my purchase of the domain name "lindsaykatai.com"! Which was about 10 minutes ago.

Someday a website will live here and this blog will merely be an extension of said website.

I had to create an admin account for the domain name, i.e. e-mail address. But I didn't want to be lindsay[at]lindsaykatai.com because, man, a person can get sick of their own damn name. That is just too much of my name in one dose. I went through many other ideas of how to solve this problem. Examples:


and so on. But I finally came up with a solution. So if anyone wants to e-mail me through this admin account, shoot an e-mail to:


1 comment:

Patrick said...

gimme a call when you want that website! I'm cheap!