Saturday, October 13, 2007

Edit to Last Post

Where it formerly read

"death-smelling jizz of Beelzebub"

it now reads

"death-smelling ejaculate of Beelzebub."

Because I realized I'm classier than that.

In other news, today I informed a customer at work that she was being passive aggressive. So she asked to speak to my co-worker, Michelle, presumably to complain about my straight-talk. Joke's on her though, because I've been working there four months longer than Michelle and she has no power over me. I've also been working there three months longer than the new owners and they can't afford to lose me. So joke's on her because I'm essentially immortal and cannot be killed by ordinary means. She would have to complain using silver bullets to get me fired. And I would just like to see her try, since that doesn't even make any sense. Guffaw!


David Morris said...

Egads, Lindsay, that last post was horrifying. Maybe you should set up a separate blog for horribly disgusting posts. You could move your toe one over to it, too.

Hilarious, though.

Myka said...

I love you, Katai. I love that you showed your balls to a customer. I want the details. What did do/no do to provoke you and how exactly did you fix her shit?

Also: Is "gism" classier than "jizz"? I think is is technically but still sounds worse.

m. berru said...

I'm still so happy you're blogging again!