Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Some Thoughts

Thought One

I will probably never be a fan of the show Entourage. Why? Let me do an impression of every single casting call for women I see for the show through Breakdwon Services and LA Casting:

"HEY! Need SUPER! HOT! sexy hot model types clubbing!!! hot sexy model super hot girls REALLY HOT!!!, hey ARE YOU HOT? need MODEL super SEXY hot model females, if you're really EXTRA SUPER MAXI HOT, wow SEXY girls model types!!!!!!!"

Thought Two

I keep getting bizarre things stuck in my head like songs, but they're not songs. Examples: the theme music for the Tri-Star Pictures logo. You know what I mean? Like, it's a Tri-Star movie, so they do the whole bit with the pegasus and they have music playing over it? THAT'S what I have stuck in my head. Or that part in Forrest Gump when Jenny and Forrest are little and Jenny prays to God to make her a bird so she fly far ... far, far away. I have her prayer stuck in my head because it's so rhythmic.

Thought Three

This may be politically incorrect, but I'd like to thank Passover for making the traffic in Beverly Hills so pleasantly light yesterday. Thanks, Passover!


Edit: 9:43pm

Okay, to prove my jokey Entourage breakdown is actually fairly accurate, here's (word for word) the one that just arrived in my inbox:

18-25 yrs. Leggy Super Hot FEMALE Model Types. Must have great hair and skin. Rockin bodies --- do not submit if under 5'8"! Please submit body shots. They want Beverly Hills, Barneys shopper girls, should look upscale and classy. Vogue type models, not Maxim."

Thank you, Entourage, I'll be sure to submit my rockin' bod for this.


David Morris said...

Death to your first born son!

Patrick said...

I just found out today that Megan is going to be in that very episode at Barney's!!!

bon said...

So... did you get cast in Entourage?