Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I have to leave for work a few minutes earlier this morning because my usual passage to the good doctors is being blocked off.

Why is it being blocked off, Lindsay? you may be asking. Well, you, this is a perfectly reasonable question to ask and so I shall answer it with the perfectly unreasonable answer. Because they are filming the feature-length movie version of Alvin and the Chipmunks, a thing I did not even know was happening out there in the world at large, let alone in my front yard. And by yard I mean street, because I don't have a yard because I'm poor and live in a shitty apartment building. A shitty apartment building which is, apparently, the perfect spot to film a favorite childhood cartoon of mine, both old and new versions of it.

I hope this movie involves hot air balloons, diamond thieves, a harem of underage girls, and the song "Woolly Bully," otherwise it is no Alvin and the Chipmunks movie in my eyes.


m. berru said...

Oh wow, we must live really close to one another. Yesterday
this was on my door.

jmh308 said...

Lindsay I like your picture you should be a model/actress/receptionist...ps sean penn is starring in the new chipmunk movie="fur of the enemy" Alvin becomes a Muslim...I know it's bad but not as bad as green lighting the project. hope all is well

jmh308 said...

pss this is jack I don't know how to use this new system of goolge whatever...hojlander used to be my blogger name it still is i just cant get to it...just didn't want you to think i was a creepy george lucas fan you know thw360 or whatever his usc student film was called

Anonymous said...

I LOVED that movie. When I first saw it I was obsessed with taking an around the world hot air balloon adventure.

Come with me! We'll use the money and diamonds in the dolls of us!


Anne said...

I had this movie, the apple dumpling gang, and the princess bride on the same marvellous videotape as a kid. I hope it is now in heaven, because I miss it.