Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Two Delightful Moments

Just for the heck of it, I have decided to bring you two delightful moments between myself and Ms. Bonnie Walker, my best friend and roommate.

Moment #1

While watching The DaVinci Code, which sucked way less than the book but was still very boring, Bonnie remarked, "I want to be in a secret society." To which I replied, "Me too." So then Bonnie said, "Let's start one." So I said, "It is done ... now let us never speak of it again."

Moment #2

While watching Alias yesterday, after the character Dixon said he speaks nine languages, I remarked how much I admire people who speak multiple languages and play more than one instrument. To which Bonnie replied, "Me too. My goal is to become fluent in one more language and learn how to play one instrument." And I said, "Me too." And Bonnie said, "Let's start a band. You'll play the accordion [because it's my favorite instrument] and I'll play the violin [because it's her favorite instrument]. Which language will you sing in?" And after some thought, I said, "Portuguese." And she said, "I'll sing in Russian." And then we both discovered that our first instinct was to say Japanese, but were afraid it would clash with the other's language choice. So now Bonnie and I have an accordion/violin fusion folk-rock band in Portuguese and Russian, with heavy Japanese influences. Buy our CD. It's called "Eleki Boom's Divina Comedia Ou Avtorskaya Pesnya."

And if one is looking for a great Mr. Daniel Padgett moment, Bonnie's husband and my very good friend and roommate, then you may direct yourself here: July 9, 2005. I have shared this moment before and I'll share it again, because it's that good.


Chris Kelly said...

ahem, i hate to be a spoil-sport, but i think you ruined number 1 by posting publicly about it. ohboy.

Kerslzp Music said...

My sister kept her last name when she got married and has always referred to herself as "Ms." True story.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't going to post on this one because I was involved in the entry and didn't want you to think I was only posting because I was mentioned. Then I thought, 'Hey, this is the first entry I read and it would be more of a lie to not post than post, even if Lindsay does think that I am self-involved.'

Though now I most likely sound more egocentric than ever because of the paragraph long rant above. And I am still going apparently. Okay here is the actual comment-


Bonnie said...

By the way, the anonymous comment above was from me. I hit the button too quickly and it posted as anonymous.

God, this is the life I live.