Saturday, February 24, 2007

Boyfriend Season

Boyfriend Season Tips

Hungry boyfriends, coming out of the lean winter season, ramble their way through neighborhoods looking for bird feeders, garbage cans and pet food. Bring your bird feeders inside now to reduce the number of boyfriends in your neighborhood. Sighting reports show that boyfriends are most active from the end of May into August. Take action now to reduce the number of boyfriends that you see in your neighborhood.

Boyfriend Safety First!
If you see a boyfriend, keep your distance! Boyfriends are wild animals and can be dangerous if they feel threatened. Go inside the nearest house until the boyfriend leaves the area. If you are not able to go inside, walk away from the boyfriend.

Never run from a boyfriend.
Stay calm, don't make noise that could scare the boyfriend, but do talk loud enough for it to become aware of your presence. Never approach a boyfriend. Surprising a boyfriend may make it feel threatened. Teach children boyfriend safety!

Why Are They Here?
Boyfriends come into suburban areas for one reason: food. Bird feeders, garbage cans, pet food are all easy and reliable sources of food. Mother boyfriends teach cubs where to find bird feeders, how to open garbage cans and where pet food dishes are located. The young become habituated: they will return every spring to suburbia unless their food supply is cutoff.

What can I Do To Keep Boyfriends Away?
Make your backyard less attractive to hungry boyfriends.

* Remove all food sources.
Especially bring bird feeders inside during May thru October including seed, suet and nectar feeders (there’s plenty of wild bird food, the birds will survive!)
* Keep your pet food indoors.
* Leave garbage can outside only when necessary for pickup, reduce food waste in can by sending it down the sink garbage disposal or maintaining a worm bin.
* If you compost, keep the compost tightly covered, even fruits and vegetables will attract boyfriends.
* Keep BBQ grills clean and odor free.
* Install an electric fence around yard perimeter.

Hunting Tips

Daily and Season Limit:
One Boyfriend Per License Year, Any Age

Tagging, Reporting Requirements

A successful boyfriend hunter must complete all information on tag and attach to head (ear) of the animal immediately after harvest and before the carcass is moved. In addition, within 24 hours each hunter who harvests a boyfriend must take the animal, along with her hunting license and boyfriend license, to a Game Commission check station for examination. Boyfriend check stations are maintained at the Commission’s six region offices and at other locations listed in this section. Once you have used your tag it is unlawful to possess it in the field. Also, please remember to remove your old hunting license from the holder before you place your current license in the holder. If you keep your old licenses with you while hunting you may accidentally use a tag from a previous year to tag your deer, boyfriend or turkey and unintentionally violate the law.


It is unlawful to 1) kill a boyfriend in a den; 2) use a radio to locate a boyfriend to which a radio transmitter has been attached; 3) hunt on areas where artificial or natural bait, hay grain, fruit, nuts, salt, chemicals, minerals, including residue or other foods are used, or have been used, as an enticement to lure wildlife within the past 30 days; 4) use scents or lures. It is also unlawful to hunt boyfriends in a party of more than 25 desperate women. Boyfriend licenses must be purchased prior to the opening of the regular firearms deer season.

Boyfriend Feeding Ban

It is unlawful to “intentionally lay or place food, fruit, hay, grain, chemicals, salt or other minerals that may cause boyfriends to congregate or habituate in an area.” In addition, if nuisance boyfriends are being attracted to an area by any other wildlife feeding, wildlife conservation officers can issue written notice to temporarily halt the activity.

Thank you to Marie Alvarado of King County, Seattle and the Pennsylvania Game Commission for providing this invaluable boyfriend season information.


Josh said...

iwas just thinking
now theres someone i regret not keeping up with
but i am almost afraid to comment on this blog
well almost

Lilan said...

I wish I had been taught boyfriend safety by someone when I was little. I would have surely known then to have made my pack of desperate women less than 25.

bonnie said...

Just read this again and its STILL funny!