Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Let's Play a Game

The game is called "What In the Hell Kind of Lives Do Our Upstairs Neighbors Live??!!"

Here is a rough outline of this game that Bonnie, Daniel, and I have played, just to get you going:

Round 1: Guess That Sound, Guess It Exactly

My guess was, "Every night at 11pm they begin building a staircase. They finish building the staircase at 3am. Upon finishing, they proceed to drag a hard-backed suitcase up and down their newly completed staircase. At 6am, they tear down the staircase and start the process again the next evening."

Bonnie's guess was, "They have several large dogs and outfit these dogs in rollerskates."

Daniel's guess one night was, "I think they're making a fucking movie. Shhh, shhh. Listen. They keep yelling, 'Action.'"

Round 2: How Did They Flood Their Apartment, Causing the Stains On Our Ceiling and the Damage of Our Carpeting?

Example guesses: someone slit their wrists in the bathtub and therefore could not turn off the faucet, they wanted to see if the dogs could swim in rollerskates, they saw that episode of Stella where the guys try to grow vegetables in the floorboards and took it as fact

Final Round: What Race Are They?

Music to guess by: hardcore rap, Mexican polka, angsty lesbian folk music

So please, come over and play this super fun game with us.


anne and brian said...

I want to play! I am so tired of playing "When will my downstairs neighbors finally offer to feed me some of their amazing smelling food?"
Sometimes I whimper as I drag myself up the stairs. Never works.

Kevin DeBacker said...

Chris and I can't share in your joy. We, like your neighbors are the game board. My initial outsiders guess though is that they have turned their house into a pony cirlce ride. Three ponies, five dollars and your own pony shoes are all you need to enjoy the ride.