Saturday, December 30, 2006

In which I am moded in every sense of the word . . .

You may remember a post a while back in which I wrote a sarcastic and bitchy open letter to the writers of the ABC Family show "Three Moons Over Milford." Here is the link, should you wish to re-read:

Open Letter

Cut to today, when I find a comment made on said post in my inbox:

Just to set the record straight- Howard Chesley and Jon Boorstin, the writers and co-exec producers of "Three Moons," know very well the difference between "plaintive" and "plaintiff." "Plaintiff" first appears as part of a revision of our pilot script by Sloan/Rosen and I remember it because it brought me up short when I first read it. The pilot was discarded before production of the series. Sloan/Rosen left the staff prior to filming of the episodes. If you get in touch I'll make a production draft of episode #1 available for your file.

Howard Chesley

Well, I thought it was only fair to post his comment here. I mean, having this buried in a nearly three month old blog entry could hardly set the record straight. So it here it is. Let it be known. I did respond to his comment; it can be found with the entry.

I still don't know how Mr. Chesley's attention was brought to this entry. Google? Did a friend come across it? Were his ears burning to such a degree that it lead him right to it? I don't know. What I do know is that while the open letters on McSweeney's may be unlikely to receive a response, this is apparently not the case with my blog.

I hope that this entry also finds Mr. Chesley and leaves him in good spirits. If not, Mr. Chesley, you are welcome to find me at the LA Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre on New Year's Eve and give me a sound beating. I hear there's going to be sumo wrestling.

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