Friday, November 17, 2006

Some Unrelated Thoughts

* Because Allison Janney is the voice for the Kaiser Permanente commercials, it really makes me believe what's being said. Not because I believe that the healthcare provider means all that bullshit about living long and thriving, but because I believe that Allison Janney means it. I trust her, implicitly.

* I think that Jack FM should change its motto from "playing what we want" to "playing what we want and what we want to play is that one Journey song, every day, five times a day, because we are giant, floppy vaginas."

* Speaking of Journey, I'd like you to just take a look at these song lyrics and enjoy:

"Mountain of Mystery"

Mountain of mystery,
Rising high above the clouds.
Mountain of magic,
Standing tall and proud,
Your magical veins
Flowing silver and gold,
Your cumulus cloud glows misty red,
As Apollo sets beyond your head.
Releasing the pressure built over the years
The mountain is crying hot lava tears
Molten rock created under vibrations of
Sub-terranean thunder
Ejecting boulders like pieces of sand
The mountain is
Giving birth to the land.

Under your feet you feel a rumble
As thousands of rocks are starting to tumble
Above the trees where the buzzard flies
Swirling vapors begin to rise
Beneath those misty peaks you hide
A tremendous force boiling deep inside.

It's like a nine-year-old wrote a really bad poem after reading a book about Greek mythology and watching "The Last Unicorn." What I'm trying to say is that it's like I wrote this when I was nine.

* Last night I saw the sketch show done by Troop at UCB, as I worked at SD with one of the guys in it. It was very, very good. So, I don't know, go befriend them on MySpace. They performed one of their sketches backward! I then stayed for "10 Bucks An Hour," a one-woman show by Danielle Koenig about babysitting (she's funny), and "Running Your Trap With Jimmy Pardo," which is setup like a late night talk show. Mr. Pardo (who is actually married to Danielle Koenig) had the Sklar Brothers, a couple of identical twin comedians (I made that sound more sideshowy than it was), and Tom Wilson, who played Biff in the "Back to the Future" movies and Coach Fredricks on "Freaks and Geeks." The Sklar Brothers had a show on USA called "Cheap Seats," which was apparently derivative of MST3K, which makes me regret that a) I'd never heard of it before and b) it's been cancelled. They were very funny and I enjoyed them, even though I kept having awkward eye contact with one of the brothers, Jason, because I was sitting about two feet in front of him in the first row.

I also had awkward eye contact with Tom Wilson, who was also very funny and sang a song he wrote about being asked stupid "Back to the Future" questions. Which I shall now provide for you:

Though the version I heard is actually in the video below. The fact that the camera is in his pants through the whole song makes it difficult to hear though:

I really, REALLY wanted a picture with Tom Wilson, but figured that it was probably an unwise request considering it's one of his complaints in the song. But I also loved him in Freaks and Geeks! I could have told him that! Ah, well.


Everyday K said...

I stumbled upon your blog via the lovely "next blog" link on the blogger tool bar, and let me say, Thank you "next blog" link.
You are funny.
Also, I was thinking the EXACT same thing when I was listening to JackFM this morning (are they a nationwide station? I'm an east coaster) and they played not only journey, but a Van Halen song... IN A ROW. not just Van Halen... VAN HAGGAR.


so anyway, I like your blog.

Lindsay Evelyn said...

Hey, thanks!

Everyday K said...

I'm going to link you on my blog... cool?

kaiserfraud said...

I know what you mean about Allison Janney - but I think it's terrible she lent her credibility that way.

Richie Root said...

Tom Wilson's daughter goes to UCI and is a very good friend of ours.

Boom, sucka.

Lindsay Evelyn said...

What the?!

Anonymous said...

I got Tom Wilson to sign my Back to the Future DVD Box set when he was performing at the CMC.

Oddly enough he didn't call me a "butthead".

He's really changed since Crispin Glover put him in his place.

You're fantastic,