Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Recurring Dreams and Hubcaps

Here are the only recurring dreams I've had in my life:

1. The Dream of Flinging Myself Over and Down Stairs

This is a dream I had on and off when we (my mother, sister, and I) first moved in with Grandma in San Diego. From the time I was seven and a half to eight and a half or so, I would dream that I'd be standing at the top of the stairs and for no reason, I would throw myself down them or just leap over every step. Never would this dream reach the point where I hit the ground.

2. The Dream of Being Forced to Urinate and/or Defecate in Front of Others

This started around the time I was 15 and continues to this day.

3. The Dream of Going Back to Grandma's House and Crying

This started when I was 16, right after Grandma died and we sold the house. Ever since then, I will dream of being allowed to return to the house to see how it looks now that we don't live there. Then, one of two things will happen. Either 1) I go into every single room and cry, cry loud and hard and to a point where I think I'll be sick. Or 2) After I've done my cry in every room bit, it turns out that Grandma is there somehow, conscious and talking and still in the house. But whenever this second one happens, I am always aware that this is completely impossible, that Grandma is dead and there's no way she could be alive. So then my mind invents various justifications for it. Sometimes it's that she's been brought back, but it's temporary. Sometimes she's a ghost, but she's unaware of it. Sometimes it's that the world is not what I thought, that just because people die doesn't mean they leave, they've just entered a different state of being. That was a cool one, a very zen, death is just enlightenment dream.

Which brings me to my point, which is that I had dream #3 last night and my justification for why Grandma was still in the house took a whole new turn. Last night, it was because she was actually a robot. She was a preliminary prototype for a robot. So then we went to the factory where they were, for some reason, making more of her, at which point Tabes and I discovered that the process was going horribly wrong somehow and that we needed to put a stop to it. So then Tabes and I were climbing all over the machinery, attempting to sabotage the evil Grandma Factory. But our mom wouldn't listen to reason and continued to aid the evil factory foreman because she wanted her mother back. And I almost got shot in the foot! That was my dream.

In other news, this morning I was driving to work and heard this thumping noise on my side of the car. I turned to look and saw a hubcap rolling away, so I assumed I'd run over some rogue hubcap, shrugged, and went about my business. Then I got to work and saw that it was MY hubcap. It was mine and it fell off for no reason. What the fuck, hubcap?


Philip said...

If the hubcap comes back, then it really loves you.

Miles said...

I'm only saying this 'cause I think you're the sort of person who'd rather hear it than not:

I think you mean "hurtling" rather than "hurdling".

Unless it was a typo, in which case: Nice work, fumblefingers!

With affection!

Lindsay Evelyn said...

Thanks, Miles. I appreciate you pointing out my typo. Except it actually wasn't one. I think I did use it poorly, however. I meant it in the sense of leaping over, but I guess it does sound weird to say leaping over downstairs. Linguistically unsound. I'll do something about that.

Miles said...

I am a jerk! I am still in the process of embracing this fact.

Lindsay Evelyn said...

You are not a jerk, Miles. I really do want it pointed out if I've used a word incorrectly.

Astrodog said...

Hey Rodsys.

I keep having a recurring dream that Myka is getting engaged. Now whose dreams are weird?



Lindsay Evelyn said...

Jonathan! Hi!