Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Dan and Eric should never have called me "The Baroness."

Let this be a lesson to you all: never, ever fan the flames of my vanity by comparing me to super hot comic book characters, as it will result in Google image searches for the rest of my life.

Seriously, I should be in that stupid G.I. Joe movie. C'mon, Hollywood, you know you want to.

Just build the breasts into the costume and we're set. I promise, I will carry myself as though I've lived with that rack all my life.

I even have long hair and no bangs now! Thank David for that. And I can learn a Russian accent. And I'm available for work. How convenient, eh, Paramount Pictures? How convenient indeed. And I'll probably be 26 by the time you actually start filming this thing, you lazy bastards. Surely by that time I will be so poised and grown-up that the role of femme fatale will slip onto me like a delicious and buttery leather glove. Sure, at 24 I am currently awkward, both socially and physically, and have no muscle tone to speak of, but a lot can change in a year or so.

And my sister can play Scarlett! She has red hair now!

Give me money! And fame! But first: money.


Anonymous said...

adding fuel to the fire. and missing you.

love, dylan.

Lilan said...

that little drawing you have there is very sexy.

so uh, wanna get lunch sometime?

Chris Kelly said...

hey, nice blog layout COPY CAT!

Chris Kelly said...


now im copying you. i hadnt noticed the difference in "stretch" but i always wondered why my margins were so narrow. and now, you inspired me to figure it out. and it is i who have now copied you.

Kevin DeBacker said...

My super ex-roommate.
Okay, that was lame.
But becoming a super hero by the age of 26 isn't

Anonymous said...

who is scarlett?

taylor or scarlett or johannah

i have no idea who johannah is