Monday, October 09, 2006

Lookit me! I have opinions!

Last week, whilst trolling Craigslist for the purpose of posting something on behalf of my bosses, I found an ad calling for volunteers for writers to a new internet publication called BrooWaha Los Angeles.

The concept is actually quite neat. It's formatted much like the NY Times and people can join and submit whatever articles they wish. They just write something, post it to the appropriate section, and that's it. Then, people can read and rate articles and based on how well rated AND how popular your articles are in general, that's how prominantly displayed your article will be on the front page and pages thereafter.

It's just started out, so there's a pretty small talent pool right now. I'm not saying that you're going to go and find NY Times quality work. But the important thing is that you get the opportunity to write and the more people who join up, the better it gets. I'm talking to you, Bonnie Walker!

The reason I blog about this now and not last week when I found it is because today I wrote an article and it'd be neat if everyone took a look at it. This is the direct link: Why Prop 87 Deserves Your Vote. You join up too if it seems up your alley. I'm actually kind of embarrassed to post about my article because I'm afraid I sound dumb or like my sentiments sound canned. So, while this is entirely against my usual style, if you don't like it, just don't fuckin' tell me, okay? I don't want to know. If you liked it, tell me til you're blue in the face. If you didn't, just keep it inside, stomp it down, and store it forever and ever in the bottommost regions of your consciousness. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Nice article!

Miles said...

I liked your article, but I liked your response to the critic more. It's funny how passion comes through in writing more clearly one has a specific target or focus. His opinions gave you something more tangible to push against, and that's when you really shone.

Mike D. said...

I liked both the article and your response to the comment. I may have liked the comment more. You done showed him! I think that you would make a strong editorial writer.

Lindsay Evelyn said...

Thanks, Stranger, Miles, and Pec!

Chris Kelly said...

your rebuke was wonderful.