Monday, October 16, 2006

In which the nomination is seconded.

An exchange between myself and a new guy at work, Eric:

Me: Hi, I'm Lindsay.

Eric: Hi, I'm Eric.

Me: Nice to meet you.

Eric: You remind me of the villain girl in G.I. Joe.

Me: !!!

Eric: (An hour later) The Baroness, that's who it is. You look like the Baroness.

Me: !!!


This now the second time in the last month that someone has said this to me. So . . . uh . . . who wants to help me start a campaign to get me cast in the live action G.I. Joe movie that's in the works? Anyone? Anyone? It might actually work if I had been blessed with an awesome rack. Alas, only my sister won in that gene raffle.


Anna said...

Jack says to tell you that you have fabulous boobs.

Chris Kelly said...

how funny. the night before you posted about being called The Baronness the first time, my friend told me this story about a couple who came into his restaurant the previous night. It was a man and this really obvious transvestite, with huge platform shoes, a ridiculous wig and an outragous outfit all around. She never spoke, so he would always order for her, saying things like "The Baronness will have the Steak..." or "The Baronness would like to know where the bathroom is."

Was that you?

Lindsay Evelyn said...

Anna, tell Jack I offer my hearty thanks. And Chris - you've got me. By day I am mild mannered Lindsay Katai, 24-year-old female in Los Angeles. But by night, I am the fiery, mute Baroness, 30-to-40-something male in New York. Now that my identity has been revealed, I can no longer fight gender-bending related crime.

Parry Strain said...

Better brush up on your Russian accent then.

She's a dirty russian, you kow.