Thursday, September 14, 2006

Cyan, you don't have to put on that red light.

And now, a list of songs that occasionally get stuck in my head when they have no right to do any such thing:

* The theme to "Growing Pains."

* The theme to "Tom and Jerry Kids."

* The theme to "Gummy Bears."

*The theme to "Under the Umbrella Tree," an old Canadian live-action show about a lady named Holly who had an umbrella tree growing in her apartment, in which lived a lizard named Iggy, a gopher named Gloria, and a bluejay named Jacob. This is especially annoying as the only part of the song I even remember is the part that goes, "Under the umbrella tree."

* The "Pizza Bagels" jingle, only replacing "pizza" with whatever item or person I happen to be looking for or thinking about. So if I'm thirsty, it becomes "Water in the morning, water in the evening, water at suppertime. When water's on a bagel, you can have water anytime." This also happens with The Police's song "Roxanne." For instance, just now I was looking for a cyan ink cartridge. So rather than Roxanne not having to put on that red light, now it was Cyan who didn't have to whore it up.

* The "Little Bites of Muffin" jingle, which is actually something that doesn't exist and which I made up two years ago mostly to annoy the shit out of my sister. It goes "Little bites, little bites of muffin! You put 'em in your mouth and then you chew and then you're done! Little bites of muffin!"

* The theme to "Jem" because she is truly outrageous.

Anyway, those are my usual head-stuck songs. Notice the heavy theme and jingle through-line.


Anonymous said...

hey evie...

i totally remember under the umbrella tree.

kerry said...

Well, advertisers would be pleased that their efforts are working, at least on you.

Also, I remember the Umbrella Tree, too. Although in my mind it's somehow linked to Allegra's Window, Gullah Gullah Island, and Eureka's Castle. Does my brain have a reson for this? I do not know.

Stuck-in-my-head song I discovered at work awhile ago: Muppet Babies theme song.